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Reading "Marx"
Notes "Steps Aerobics -- Russian Style"
Notes "Economic Policies of the Young Soviet State"

Russian Revolution

Intro Notes "The Evolution of Modern Russia"
Reading Introduction to "The Russian Revolution" by Richard Pipes
Notes "The Russian Civil War"
Notes "Bolshevik Revolution Backgrounder"
Notes "The Russian Revolution"
Brief Reading "The Russian Outsiders" (oh those peasants...)


Reading from "Autopsy of an Empire" by Volkogonov
Reference Lenin's Last Testament
Notes DQ's 11-15
Reading/Notes Lenin and the Revolution


Activity "Lenin vs. Stalin"
Reading from "Autopsy of an Empire" by Volkogonov
Notes Outline Notes on Stalin
Notes Stalin's Economics
Notes Stalin's Single Party State
Reading/Ref Stalin
Activity & NOTES! "Talking Points 101"

Activity & NOTES!

The Soviet Constitution of 1936

  Stalin's Foreign Policy
Activity & NOTES! "Stalin's Little Game"
Reference German/Soviet Friendship Treaty
Reference The Non-Aggression Pact
Reference Leading up to the Invasion of Poland
Reference The Munich Agreement
Reference The Polish Invasion
Reference The Treaty of Rapallo



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